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To access your router admin interface, type into the browser's url field and press enter.

You can also click the following button to open the admin interface

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Default login details for
The most common combinations of username/password

Username Password How common
admin 1234 42.0%
admin admin 18.5%
- admin 9.6%
admin smcadmin 8.9%
- smcadmin 7.0%
admin - 1.9%
admin password 1.9%
- 123456 1.3%
- 0000 1.3%
root 123456 1.3%

Login instructions for

These login instructions are quite generic, and if you know which router brand you have, we recommend that you visit the Router Login instructions page to get the specific instructions.
  1. Make sure you are connected to the network of your modem/router.
  2. Open in your web browser.
  3. Enter the username and password for your router, if you don't know them you can try the above common defaults, otherwise check from the Password lookup page. returns a "site cannot be reached" page or other error

This can mean several things, please see the troubleshooting section below

Problems connecting to

If you have trouble connecting to your router/modem at you can check the following

Make sure you are connected to the network

Make sure youre device is connected to the router, either by ethernet cable or over WiFi.

Check that your router is running

Ensure that the router is plugged in and turned on, lights should be lit or blinking depending on your make and model.

Make sure your router's ip address is actually

If your router's IP is something other than you wont be able to reach it there. Check our router detector at the top of the page, or go to whatsmyrouterip.com to see what their tool says.

Make sure you have spelled the IP correctly and not e.g. 192.168.2.l

IP addresses will only contain numbers 1-9 and periods .. It is quite common that people misread 0 for O and 1 for I or l when they type the address.

What is the address?

The IP address belongs to an address range that has been reserved for private networks. Every device that connects to your home network will get a similar address, with the last digit differing.

The devices connected to your home network will then use your router and the as the default gateway to access the internet, and your router will handle everything to tie together your public IP address to your home network.

The IP address ranges that are reserved for private networks are the following

  1. -
  2. -
  3. -

Most commonly used is the 192.*-range, sometimes the 10.*-range, and not so often the 172.*-range. If you want to learn more about IP addresses check out our article What Is an IP Address and Why Is It Important? is common with Belkin, SMC, Edimax & USRobotics routers

Out of all the IP adresses possible in the private network range, has been chosen by 34 manufacturers as the most common IP address. This makes it easy for both professionals and common people to remember the address when needing to work with routers, it is as simple as typing into the address bar of the browser.

Among the bigger manufacturers to use as the default IP address are: Belkin, SMC, Edimax, USRobotics, T-Com, ALFA Network, PHICOMM, Vodafone, Intellinet and Dell. You should note however that certain models might still use different addresses than the common ones, so it is always wise to check the manual as well.

Routers that use as their default IP address

Model Username Password
ALFA Network R36 admin admin
ALFA Network AIP-W502U admin admin
ALFA Network AIP-W505 admin admin
Afoundry EW1200 admin admin
Afoundry EW750 admin admin
Afoundry EW500 admin admin
Airlink101 AR675W admin admin
Airlink101 AR695W - admin
Airlink101 AR570Wv2 - admin
Airlink101 AR685W admin admin
Airlink101 AR570W admin admin
Airlink101 AR686W - admin
Argus Technologies EW-2101 admin -
Argus Technologies EW2104 admin -
Aztech HW550-3G admin admin
Belkin F9K1103 v1 admin password
Belkin F5D5230-4 Admin -
Belkin F9K1103 v1xxx admin password
Black Box WAP-300BGN admin 1234
Celleden MAP-1600 admin admin
CenturyLink EQ-660HW - 1234
CompUSA 54Mbps Wireless Broadband Router (333628) admin 1234
Creative CW2202-4 admin admin
Dell TrueMobile 2300 v2 (WRTB-107GD) admin admin
Dell Wireless 2350 Broadband Router (WRTA-108GD) admin admin
Dell TrueMobile 1184 (WX-6215D) admin admin
Dell TrueMobile 2300 v1 (WX-5565D) admin admin
Edge-corE ECG9210-04 admin admin
Edimax BR-6428Gn admin 1234
Edimax 3G-6200nL admin 1234
Edimax BR-6324nL admin 1234
Edimax BR-6208AC v2 admin 1234
Edimax EW-7203APg Admin 1234
Edimax BR-6428n v1 (??) admin 1234
Edimax AR7167WnA admin 1234
Edimax BR-6428GnS v2 (??) admin 1234
Edimax BR-6228nS admin 1234
Edimax BR-6675nD admin 1234
Edimax BR-6214K admin 1234
Edimax WV-C800APN admin 1234
Edimax BR-6428GnS v1 (??) admin 1234
Edimax 3G-6238Gn admin 1234
Edimax BR-6204Wg / BR-6304Wg / EW-7209APg v1 admin 1234
Edimax AR-7166WnA admin admin
Edimax BR-6204WLg admin 1234
Edimax BR-6428HPn admin 1234
Edimax BR-6476ND admin 1234
Edimax BR-6475nD admin 1234
Edimax BR-6478AC admin 1234
Edimax BR-6204Wg / BR-6304Wg / EW-7209APg v4 admin 1234
Edimax BR-6208AC admin 1234
Edimax BR-6504n admin 1234
Edimax BR-6215SRg admin 1234
Edimax BR-6216Mg admin 1234
Edimax BR-6428EnS admin 1234
Edimax AR-7084gA/B admin 1234
Edimax BR-6435nD admin 1234
Edimax EW-7206APg v4 admin 1234
Edimax 3G-6200n admin 1234
Edimax EW-7206Cg admin 1234
Edimax EW-7206APg v1 admin 1234
Edimax BR-6228GNS admin 1234
Edimax BR-6478Gn admin 1234
Edimax BR-6258n admin 1234
Edimax BR-6288ACL admin 1234
Edimax BR-6424n admin 1234
Edimax BR-6428nS v3 admin 1234
Edimax EW-7316APn admin 1234
Edimax BR-6315SRg admin 1234
Edimax BR-6478AC v2 admin 1234
Edimax AR-7266WnA admin 1234
Edimax BR-6258nL admin 1234
Edimax BR-6324n admin 1234
Edimax BR-6479Gn admin 1234
Edimax BR-6104KP admin 1234
Edimax AR-7284WnA admin 1234
Edimax BR-6226n admin 1234
Edimax EW-7416APn admin 1234
Edimax BR-6228ENS admin 1234
Edimax AR-7167WnA admin 1234
Edimax iMax Pro CAX1800 admin 1234
Edimax BR-6524n admin 1234
Edimax BR-6204Wg / BR-6304Wg / EW-7209APg v2 admin 1234
Edimax BR-6574n admin 1234
Edimax BR-6428n v2 (??) admin 1234
Edimax AR-7267WnA admin 1234
Guillemot Hercules HWNRi-300 - 123456
Guillemot Hercules HWNR-300 - 123456
Intellinet 524490 Wireless 300N 4-Port Router admin 1234
Intellinet 300N Wireless Dual-Band Router admin 1234
Intellinet 524780 admin 1234
Intellinet 450N (524988) admin 1234
Junxion Box (JB-110b) admin junxion
LG-Ericsson WBR-5050 admin admin
LG-Ericsson WBR-3020 admin admin
LG-Nortel ELO WR300N (LNWR300N) Admin lgnortel
LG-Nortel ELO WR100T (LNWR100T) - lgnortel
LevelOne WAP-0009 admin 1234
MSI RG70SE admin 1234
Manhattan 525480 admin 1234
Microsoft MN-700 - admin
Microsoft MN-500 - admin
Microsoft MN-100 - admin
NEXIOM TR307 admin admin
NetComm NP740n admin admin
ReadyNet WRT150N admin admin
Ruckus Wireless MediaFlex 7811 (VF7811) admin password
SMC SMCWBR14-N5 rev A2 admin smcadmin
SMC SMCWGBR14-N2 admin smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR14S-N5 rev A2 admin smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR14S-N3 admin smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR14S-N5 rev A1 admin smcadmin
SMC SMC7901WBRA2 admin smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR11S-3GN admin smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR14S-N2 - smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR14S-N4 admin smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR14T-G - smcadmin
SMC SMC2804WBRP-G - smcadmin
SMC SMC7904WBRA2 - smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR14S-NL admin smcadmin
SMC SMC7904WBRAS-N2 v2 admin smcadmin
SMC SMC2304WBR-AG - smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR14-3GN admin smcadmin
SMC SMC7904WBRA-N - smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR14-N5 rev A1 admin smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR14-GM - smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR11-G root smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR14S-N - smcadmin
SMC SMCWGBR14-N Admin smcadmin
SMC SMC2804WBR v1 - smcadmin
SMC SMCITG100 admin smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR14S-3GN admin smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR14-G - smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR14-G2 - smcadmin
Sagemcom F@ST 2864 admin admin
Sagemcom F@ST 5250 - admin
Senao SL-2511BG PLUS root root
Siemens Gigaset SX763 admin admin
T-Com Speedport W701V - 0000
T-Com Speedport W700V - 0000
TRENDnet TEW-211BRP admin -
Tenda W1500A admin admin
Tenda A8 - admin
Tenda 4G301 admin admin
Tenda A6 - admin
Tenda A31 - admin
Tenda 4G300 admin admin
Tenda B6 admin admin
Tenda A5 - admin
Tenda 3G150S - admin
USRobotics USR5463 - admin
USRobotics USR5462 - admin
VeloCloud EDGE 510-AC root VeloHello-XXX
Vodafone DSL-EasyBox 903 root 123456
Vodafone DSL-EasyBox 803 root 123456
Zonet ZSR1104WE admin 1234
Zoom Series 1100 Model 4504 - admin