Default router password lookup
Find your router username and password in seconds

To login to your router's web interface you'll need the admin username and password. If your router is new or hasn't otherwise been modified, you can access it with the router defaults.

We have the most comprehensive list of default credentials that you can find online. Just do a search below for your brand and model, and our tool will tell you what you need to know.

If the default username and password doesn't work?

If the default username and password doesn't work, it might be becuase of the following:

a) Your ISP has set the default credentials

In this case you can check the sticker on the back of your device for hints about the password. You can also call your ISP to ask about this. If they don't have the device locked, you can try option b)

b) Someone has changed the default credentials

If you or someone has changed the credentials and you can't figure them out, you can always reset the router to get it to the default values.

Most common Usernames and Passwords

Most routers from the same manufacturer will use similar, if not exactly the same passwords. But there are also cases when the models vary quite a bit.

The table below has the most common usernames and passwords for popular brands.