Best Free VPNs for Firestick

Do you know how much you need to get a VPN?

There are so much information and entertainment to enjoy & in certain circumstances a VPN makes it much easier to attain:

  • You can log onto Wi-Fi networks easier

  • You gain access to websites no matter your geographical location so no more getting blocked

Your activities can’t easily be tracked

That second item is why you want a VPN if you recently acquired an Amazon Firestick.

Amazon firestick

You may love the device as much as we do, but it’s frustrating that we can’t access all the content we want, simply because of where we’re located.

But a VPN changes all of that.  

How Can VPNs Help?

A VPN can block ISPs, hackers, and other sites from watching your movement.

It can disguise your IP address leaving others confused about your whereabouts, so they don’t know that you’re supposed to be blocked from a site.

Your activities can happen anonymously, and you can either be identified by the VPNs IP address, or it can give you a new IP address to make it seem as if you’re in another location.

Now you’re free to optimize your Firestick.

And of course, the safety features of a VPN is reason enough to use one. Don’t let hackers view your info or location anymore.

The good news is that thanks to the popularity of VPNs there are many to choose from and also some free versions.

The hosts probably hope you’ll love the service so much that you’ll opt for a paid-for-package later. But let’s focus on the good news: You can get a VPN for free.

For all these reasons, you need to browse the list below.

Best Free VPNs for Firestick

Editor’s Choice: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN best VPN for Firestick

With this VPN you will have access to sites within 90 countries.

The download is quite straightforward and super-fast. That’s what you want for getting video files.

Note that this is not a free site, but it does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can either use this to see if VPNs work for you or simply to try out this brand.


Windscribe VPN is great for firestick

You can get about 10GB per month with this VPN which is a substantial amount of viewing pleasure.

It’s known to unblock US Netflix no matter where you’re located at the moment.

Be warned: The free package only offers 11 servers and might be very slow. There are also rumors of your data being sold when you’re on this free version.

Another thing: the service is not consistent.

Traveling to the UK you may find the server is quite slow there. But you’ll have no annoying ads popping up thanks to a nifty ad-blocker. The apps will work on iPhone and Android.

Security is also important on a VPN and Windscribe uses AES-256 encryption, so you’re sorted.


Hola VPN is one of the best for firestick

We love this one because it’s made for Android, so we know it will work on specific devices we have.

It’s also known to be quite fast. Your VPN determines how quickly your content will be enjoyed, so it’s always best to go for the fast ones.


betternet VPN for firestick

Of course, security is also vital because you don’t want the information to be hacked.

That’s one of the reasons you’ll respect Betternet. Its encrypted structure is safe from hackers.

This VPN has quite a unique approach.

Its services are free if you’ll spare some time to watch the ads. I know these can be irritating but isn’t it worth it? You’re stuck with watching ads on the internet anyway.

Why not get something in return for a change?

If you do want to stop the ads, then pay and download the app to keep using the service. Here’s why it’s worth trying out:

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Open VPN with 256-bit encryption

  • High-speed downloads

  • Anonymous browsing

You can also test it out first if you’re unsure.

A 7-day free trial is ideal to determine whether a paid package (premium package) is actually worth the investment. With 38 million users across the globe, we’re sure it will be.

Private VPN

Private VPN for firestick

Here’s another one that’s not free, but offers you a free trial.

It’s not the best in terms of how many servers constitute its infrastructure (only 48 in 30 countries). However, if you find the content you want, you’ll download it in no time thanks to unlimited bandwidth and speed.


So what is at the top of your priority list? Will you choose one that keeps you safe and secure? Or do you simply want quick downloads?

Luckily the market caters to all preferences so enjoy your Firestick more than ever before.

Want to know other great VPNs? Check out our list of the best VPNs of the year! (And get awesome offers from us!)


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