CD-R KING Routers, Guides and Instructions

On this page we have collected all the guides and instructions that you might need for your CD-R KING router.

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User manuals for CD-R KING routers

If you are unsure about how to perform some settings you can check the user manuals for your CD-R KING router, just find your specific router from the list below and you’ll also find the manuals for that model. We are constantly trying to enlarge our manual library for CD-R KING routers to ensure that you can find what you need. If some specific model is missing the manual, feel free to contact us and ask for it.

Which specific CD-R KING model do I have?

To identify which CD-R KING router model you have, you can check the label, which is usually found on the back of the router or under it.
The label usually contains the “MODEL” label followed by the model number. If you want the really specific version of your router the “P/N” number should include more information. When you have the number enter it below to filter and find your model.

CD-R KING router list