The best Mid-end routers for the price

Last updated: Jan. 19, 2023, midnight

You can still enjoy the advantages of having a wireless network at home even on a limited budget; this is where products under the category of mid-end routers come in.  In this age of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices that require a wireless connection to the Internet, your subscription would be incomplete if you don’t have a wireless network to connect your devices to. Though less powerful than some types of routers, mid-end routers can still accommodate your home usage needs.

Powerful routers are not always necessary for the family’s simple Internet usage. Cutting costs by purchasing one of the mid-end routers would mean experiencing a quality that is less than those of more expensive ones. Also, investing on the top quality you can’t fully enjoy would be overkill. Being a smart user, you should get the balance between price, quality, and your needs. There are various products on the market to choose from, and knowing their differences can help you in getting the most out of your budget.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Between Mid-End Routers

Network Security Means Family Security

Most of the time, walls and doors cannot keep other people from your network’s range. Unwanted persons trespassing into your wireless network do not just have access to your Internet subscription. They have access to your personal data.

Devices connected to the same router can have access to each other, so trespassers on your home wireless network can have access to the files on your computer. Valuable information like your social security number can be found even on your phone, and having them in the wrong hands can cause you and your family a great loss.  

Your wireless network needs a security system to protect yourself and your family, which is why security protocols WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and WPA2 exist. These don’t just protect your Wi-Fi with a password. It also ensures that unwanted people wouldn’t be able to hack into it.

You must not get the impression that WPA2 is not much more different than the older WPA. In fact, according to[source], WPA2 is significantly more secure than the older version.

Knowing the Standards

Router manufacturers regularly implement new standards to ensure their products’ quality. The 802.11ac is the latest standard after 802.11g and 802.11n. The “ac” standard which supports gigabit speeds (1000 Mbps and over) can be found in the newest routers. But keep in mind that some devices may not support this standard, meaning they can’t use its full potential. Also, remember that routers do not boost your Internet plan. Your Internet speed can only be as fast as what your service provider indicates in your subscription.

Being Realistic

You must not get carried away when reading about the item’s maximum bandwidth details. These product descriptions boast as much as 1750 Mbps. As mentioned earlier, your router’s speed is determined by your Internet subscription, and it cannot make it faster than that. Aside from your actual Internet speed, also take into consideration the surroundings. There are objects like appliances and walls that would serve as a barrier between your devices and your router.

Users That Find Mid-end Routers Very Useful

Average Households With Minimal Internet Usage

An average-sized family with basic Internet usage can enjoy the advantages of having mid-end routers. The goal of a router is to distribute your Internet connection between the members of the family so that one child can play video games on his laptop while another is connecting with friends on Facebook and other members are streaming their favorite show on TV without having lag or buffering.

Small Businesses

While most businesses leverage the power of the Internet, some environments don’t need high-end routers. Shops run by 2–4 people and only utilize one computer can cut costs by using mid-end routers instead of the more powerful ones. This type of router can definitely accommodate simple tasks in the business’s day-to-day operations. Other than being more affordable, routers under this category do not consume electricity as much as those in the higher end. These routers do not need to have coverage as wide as the more expensive types as most small business environments are smaller than a house.

Small Households With Average Usage

This type of routers could be ideal for the young, newlyweds with no children yet or have toddlers. These types of households usually have small to average usage with only 2–3 users, so mid-end routers can be ideal for them.

Get the Most Out of a Mid-end Routers

Having an Internet router is necessary to get the most out of you Internet subscription. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends and news can improve your lifestyle. You can stay connected to the world while enjoying not just the comfort of your own home, but also the convenience of any part of your house for different activities. But the best wireless router for home or business use doesn’t need to be too expensive or complicated.  

Installing the latest high-end routers may not be ideal when the best router under $100 can satisfy your needs. Mid-end routers can still accommodate your simple wireless network needs while on a budget. But saving some money doesn’t mean you have to compromise your needs. Installing one of the mid-end routers for less cost but would not satisfy your needs would defeat the purpose of installing one in the first place.


Each user has their own needs, and it is important that one is aware of them to be a smart consumer.  Whether it’s the Linksys E8400 or the later Linksys EA9200 that you need is up to you. The goal is not the most money possible for a large cost of inconvenience.

It’s to find the best deal that wouldn’t be too expensive but would still be able to satisfy your needs as an Internet user. With all that covered, you can now check our list of routers that fall under the mid-end routers category, and get the most out of that budget.