Does Avast VPN Keep Logs?

What is your reason for using a VPN?

Do you love torrenting and need anonymity? Or perhaps you just want easier access to international Wi-Fi sources and sites by bypassing geolocation restrictions.

Of course, it can also block a few hackers and limit identity theft. If no one can see your details, no one can abuse it.

But Are You Going Incognito?

You may think you’re browsing online anonymously, but that’s not the whole truth. VPNs block others from seeing your details and IP address, but that doesn’t mean they can’t see it themselves.

How sure are you that this information isn’t logged?

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Why Anonymity is Best

Here’s the truth:

Most VPNs keep logs of this detail and can even track your online activities. What would happen if that information about you is made public or given to authorities?

How Is This Relevant to You?

This is an essential factor to consider when choosing a VPN. All VPNs have strengths and drawbacks.

One may be super-fast, but the user’s details are shared with third parties. So, usually, you have to choose between excellent service or being logged.

So let’s help you make an informed decision.

Have you considered Avast VPN?

What is Avast VPN?

You probably know the Avast brand because of its dynamic online security products. Now the company also provides you a secure way to access the internet on its Avast SecureLine VPN application.

While it’s not the best VPN in the business—it’s not the company’s focus after all—many people pick it for the security features, such as blocking malware and having excellent encryption.

The VPN services are adequate, but not exceptional, partly because the company only has a few (55) servers. That’s much less than the 1000s other expert VPNs use.

How is This Relevant to You?

So here’s your first decision. Do you need dependable service, or will you rather enjoy the security features Avast offers?

Now we move on to the next important question.

Does Avast Keep Logs?

Perhaps it’s a good thing that Avast is quite open and honest about their logging policy. At least you know what you’re in for.

What They Log

On their support site you’ll find confirmation that they do log these details:

  • The time logs of connection and disconnection

  • How long you stay online via the VPN

  • How much bandwidth you use

Of course some of your personal information—IP address, device names, etc.—will be used to log this information. 

After all, it provides paid-for packages, so your personal and account details need to be stored.

What They Say They Don’t Log

You still have anonymity in what you’re doing while you’re logged on. Avast doesn’t keep track of:

  • Websites you browse

  • What you download or upload

  • What other IP addresses you access

This should give you some peace of mind that someone isn’t watching you all the time.

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Where Is the Information Kept?

But what about the information that is tracked? Even if it's not detailed if a company is keeping this information you want to be sure it doesn’t get out.

After all, some of it can be used for identity theft.

Here’s where Avast’s expert security comes in handy.

The company has a secure infrastructure that limits how this information can be accessed. Only by physically visiting their premises or accessing it via an encrypted VPN can someone view the information relating to your info that can identify you.

Regarding their team, only certain individuals are authorized to work with this information. These individuals use a secure process incorporating passwords.

One thing to note is that your information isn’t only on Avast’s servers, but can be kept on servers owned by other agents or contractors the company is in partnership with.

This information gets stored under 256-bit key encryption:

  • Collected info under minimum encryption

  • More important info such as financial data gets rotating encryption

  • When it’s necessary to transmit your data, it will be handled with an https protocol


Who will See These Logs?

So here’s the critical question. When will your information be seen?

Avast—as mentioned in their privacy policy—must share information in some circumstances. When you opt to use this VPN, you agree that Avast is allowed to:

  • Share info with third parties who provide specific services you request

  • Show information to government organizations that require it. This is necessary to prove the company adheres to privacy laws, such as the new GDPR in the EU. Some servers are located in the EU, and therefore Avast must comply with the entity’s specifications

However, it’s specified that your details will never be abused or used for marketing when accessed by these entities.


What are your thoughts? And what do you think about VPNs keeping—and sharing—your information? Some of it can help create a safer online community for all of us.


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