192.1.1 IP address: An Overview

192.1.1 is a network IP address that pertains to public IP addresses that are in the range of until However, this network IP address should not entangle with the network of 192.168.1. In many cases, people mistake this with 192.1.1

The address range 192.168.1 up to is used often by home networks. This is because this range of private IP network is configured into a lot of broadband routers by default. On the other hand, only public internet hosts utilize the 192.1.1 network address.

Who Uses This Network Range

All by it’s lonesome, 192.1.1 is not at all an IP address. This is because an actual address comprises four portions. An example of this is the IP address This dotted format that has four parts shows that any device can’t use 192.1.1 as their IP address—not even as a static IP address.

192.1.1 is intended for public use. This means that interfaces and routers that connect directly with the open internet cannot utilize this IP. A lot of users get confused by this since private addresses like looks the same as 192.1.1.

When it comes to the internet, the up to address range is registered to Raytheon BBN Technologies. This company is previously known as Bolt, Beranek, and Newman. Each IP address mentioned in the range above includes this.

192.1.1 Subnet: When to Use It?

A network that is internet-facing cannot utilize an IP address that starts with 192.1.1. However, it’s perfectly fine to construct an internal system that begins with this subnet range.

The reason for this is that an IP range doesn’t necessarily have to begin with You can construct any range that you want. Why? It’s because is merely a standard recommended for internal networks.

How Do You Construct an Internal Network
That Begins With 192.1.1?

First, as an administrator, you need to log into your home router. Next, you have to go to the menu of the Local IP Network. You then have to type in as the internal IP address of the router.

When you do this, 192.1.1 is instantly designated to be the start of your range. This applies all across the internal devices included in your home network. Moreover, if you arrange for your devices to automatically obtain IP addresses, an IP address that starts with 192.1.1 gets designated to them.

In actuality, this IP address range is not prescribed to be used by a home’s internal network. However, it is possible and would work just fine when you decide to go this route. You have to understand, though, that if you come across any confusion regarding the standard IP address, it would be better for you to go back and use the prescribed IP address.

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