Finding the IP Address of Any Website

Free IP Address Information from Online Services

Internet websites all have at least one IP Address. Having this information is useful for:
Bypassing website-blocking tools, blocking a specific site (like when managing home networks), and narrowing down the geographical location of a web server.

Searching for IP Addresses can be cumbersome. Web browsers don’t usually show them. Also, big websites use many IP Addresses instead of only one, which means that an address used today might be different the next day. Two individuals from different parts of the world often acquire separate IP Addresses for the same site regardless of the search methods they use.

Using the Ping Utility

The Ping Utility searches for Website IP Addresses and all other kinds of operating network device. Ping tries to contact the website by name and reports back the IP Address it obtains, together with all additional connection information.

Ping is a Windows Command Prompt search utility. As an example, to find the IP Address of on a computer, use the command-line input screen, instead of the graphical input screen, and enter:


The command returns a result with the corresponding IP Address. Both the Apple App and Google Play stores offer several apps capable of generating similar pings from smartphones.

Most sizeable websites have specific security measures that stop responses to ping queries for connection information. However, you can still acquire their IP Addresses. The only instances wherein Ping fails to get IP Address information is when the targeted website is down or when the inquiring computer has no internet connection.

Using the Internet WHOIS System

Another method of obtaining IP Addresses of websites depends on the Internet WHOIS System. WHOIS is a database that keeps track of information on a website registration, including ownership details and Internet Protocol Addresses.

To search a website IP Address with WHOIS, visit one of several free sites such as or, which offer services related to WHOIS database inquiries. Results usually come with the current registrar name and the IP Address.

With the WHOIS query, the IP Address is statically stored, so it does not require an online connection to the website. is a well-known website that allows you to search for your IP Address. Of course, it can also give you the IP Address of other websites. To start a search, open a browser and go to the website. Enter the website name you want to search for, then run the search. The IP Address will instantly appear in no time.

Using IP Address Lists

Famous websites publish information about their IP Address and are usually available through most web searches. For example, you can Google Facebook’s IP Address and will get it in less than a second.

Additional Information

What does an IP Address look like?

A typical IP Address appears like this: 123:123:12:123 or, 1234:1234:1234:1234

What is an IP Address Used For?

An IP Address gives a unique identity to a device connected to the internet. It differentiates devices from each other.

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