Fongo Review: Canada VoIP Service

Fongo Mobile is Canada's free app for calling and texting, which is based on VoIP technologies. VoIP enables you to transmit communications and media over the internet to any phone in the country.  All you have to do is sign up with Fongo for your unique phone number and make sure that your phone connects to Fongo or Google Cloud Server. Your unique number receives calls and texts, and also sends to other Fongo numbers or local numbers. Fongo free services are only for Canadians. Other countries would have to subscribe to Fongo World, which is a premium package of the app. Fongo decided to make it this way, and it is quite interesting as they could quickly go beyond the borders and into other countries.

Why is Fongo Amazing?

Applications that provide services similar to Fongo are somewhat restrictive. They allow calls only between users of their services. Some may also extend their use to local numbers. Fongo VoIP service will enable you to reach users of other apps and services and even call out to local numbers, a perfect balance of the different services. On Fongo, internet communications are direct and free but limited if you're the caller. The receivers of your call only need to have Canadian numbers and meet the guidelines of Fongo. The calling and texting can be unlimited when you receive them within any of the cities recognized by Fongo.

Fongo is also a great app to manage data consumption. 500KB of data only is used in a one-minute talk on the app. It means that if you make a call and talk on the phone for an hour, you only have 30MB of your data consumed, which is simply fantastic. If you’re on a Wi-Fi connection, you will not worry whatsoever about your data consumption.

What's more?

Fongo is available for PC, tablet, and even iPod Touch. All you have to do is learn to connect these devices to Fongo services and have fun. Fongo also has a home phone adaptor that you can easily carry around to make calls or text with. You can customize your experience on the Fongo app by paying for the extra services. Such services include retaining your existing number for Fongo services, ads removal, name display on-call, etc.

Premium Services and Current Cost

Credit for an international call is at two cents/min to major world cities and countries. Like any product or service, Fongo has its pros and cons. Let’s look at some of them.


  • You can call any local number or Fongo number within the accepted areas of the apps’ reach.
  • You can send text messages within the accepted areas worldwide. It has incredible features like Conference calling, Call waiting, display of Caller ID, and even 911 emergency dialing.
  • It's not costly to customize your experience.


  • Only Canadian residents can benefit from the services.
  • Only users of the services can get a Fongo call or text, either through the Fongo app or their local number.
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