How To Modify Text Size In Internet Explorer

There is a reason why people love to use Internet explorer so much. It is one of the only browsers that support a number of customized features. And one such very useful feature that it offers to its users, is the ability to modify the text size of a web page. 

You can either change the size of the displayed text temporarily (using keyboard shortcuts) or can change the default size of the text for all your browsing sessions. 

How To Temporarily Change The Text Size

Almost all popular browsers that you might use support various keyboard shortcuts and one such keyboard short-cut can be used to either increase or decrease the size of the text. Any temporary change will take effect on your current browsing session and in the currently opened tab only. 

  • To increase the size: Press Ctrl + on a windows machine or Cmd + for a Mac machine

  • To decrease the size: Press Ctrl – on a windows machine or Cmd – for a Mac machine

Remember, both these keyboard shortcuts actually zoom in and zoom out, which implies that instead of only increasing or decreasing the size of the text they also increase or decrease the size of any other page elements such as images present in the webpage.

Changing Default Text Size

If you want the text to be displayed in a particular size every single time you start browsing, you can easily do that also in the internet explorer. 

The command bar and the menu bar of the internet explorer, both have an option with which you can either increase or decrease the size of the text. 

The only difference between the command bar and menu bar is that command is visible while the menu is hidden by default

Command Bar:

  1. Click on the Page drop-down menu present in the Command bar 
  2. Select Text size 
  3. Choose from any of the options: Largest, Larger, Medium (Default), Smaller or Smallest 

Menu Bar:

  1. Press Alt on your keyboard and the menu bar will be displayed

  2. Select View

  3. Choose Text size 
  4. Choose from any of the options: Largest, Larger, Medium (Default), Smaller or Smallest

Please note that many web page developers intentionally fix the size of the text to be displayed, hence if none of the above methods work for a particular website, you will have to try changing it by using Internet Explorer’s Accessibility options. 

Internet Explorer’s Accessibility Option:

  1. Go to settings by clicking on the Gear icon present at the rightmost corner of the browser window
  2. Choose Internet Options, this will open up a dialog box
  3. Select Accessibility, it will open the Accessibility dialog box
  4. Tick on the checkbox Ignore font sizes specified on web pages
  5. Click OK

You can also zoom in or zoom out of any web page and view the entire area in a bigger or smaller size. By using the keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl + / Cmd + to zoom in (windows/mac) and Ctrl – / Cmd - to zoom out (windows/mac).

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