What Does TFW Mean and Stand For?

In this modern world of the internet, social media use is growing by leaps and bounds. New and new trends are introduced every day and people try to cope with them. Many abbreviations are
seen on social media posts and comments and we are often curious about what they mean.

Today, we are talking about one such internet slang used popularly across different platforms.
Chances are that you just came across a text, comment or social media post starting with TFW and followed by a sentence. Here is the complete information on this abbreviation.

TFW Definition

An internet troll or a meme that is used popularly on social media. The full form of the abbreviation TFW is That Feel WhenTFW can also stand for The Feel When or That Feeling WhenGenerally used at the beginning of a sentence, TFW is used as a way to evoke feeling from the audience.

Though it is a popular saying used by lots of people on social media, it is grammatically incorrect. The correct grammatical use of TFW would be I love the feeling you get when, In this acronym, the word feeling is shortened to feel.

How TFW is Used

That feeling when meme

Typically, TFW is used to convey some kind of emotion or feeling in any context which is relatable for people watching your post online. People use this acronym at the beginning of a sentence to let the readers know exactly what you feel. The use of this term also suggests an open-mindedness where the audience can come up with their interpretation of the post.

This phrase is used commonly when the person wants to express the feeling experienced when some incident happened.

TFW can be used to describe a physical feeling like painful, exciting, uncomfortable or awkward.

Example: TFW you stump your toe on a door frame

TFW can also be used to represent an emotional experience. An emotional reaction is often personified with a meme, image or GIF.

Example: TFW it’s almost Friday.

TFW can even be used as a funny way to caption videos, GIFs or pictures.

Example: TFW the trailer has already shown the best parts of the film.

Examples of TFW Use

If you are not yet sure about the use of TFW, check out the examples given below:

TFW you’re lying in bed at 5 am still wide awake.”

TFW you realize you poured coffee in your cereal and not milk.”

TFW you get a reply after eight and a half hours.”

TFW you are waiting for somebody and the person ignores you.”

TFW you feel sleepy and somebody forces you to do something you hate doing yet you do it.”

Using TFW in your Vocabulary

The use of TFW is quite versatile. It can work with more exciting things as well. TFW use often comes out as more humorous than relatable in most cases.

Consider the example: TFW you go skydiving but forget to take your retainer.

This is not relatable but funny obviously.

To use the slang for a humorous or exaggerated effect, users sometimes put TFW at the beginning of a ridiculous situation that’s specific and not relatable. But the detailed description followed by TFW makes it imaginable.

This acronym is very popular on Twitter as it works perfectly to describe hilarious, odd, awkward
situations with the use of bad grammar, other acronyms, and text. Just like other acronyms and memes, TFW is embraced by young social media users who don’t mind making or seeing spell errors or improper grammar use.

Though the internet today has become more and more visual with an increasing number of social media platforms driven by video and image sharing, the trend of TFW gives some communicable emotion which lets you leave much to the imagination of the reader.

The Origin of TFW

While the exact origin of the TFW acronym is unclear, there are chances that it is associated with the meme I Know That Feel Bro that shows two characters hugging each other to show that they understand each other’s feelings. This meme had popped up on the internet in around 2010.

Memes have always served as a way to help people express their emotions and feelings on the
internet. Various memes including Feels, Feels Good, Feels Bad Man and others have become an
acceptable means to express the emotions one cannot express through words.

TFW is usually intended to be followed by a descriptive sentence of a relatable situation and can even be paired with a GIF or photo to visually express the feeling behind the post. Such situations are often best described with an image.

That is all you need to know about the TFW phrase and use. You are now ready to use it Facebook,
Twitter, Tumblr, and any other social media platform you prefer to join the fun and impress your
friends and audience.

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