How to fix Google’s “Unusual Traffic Error"

You are browsing the internet randomly then you see an “Unusual Traffic Error” message on your screen. What do these messages mean? These error messages occur when Google senses that queries or searches are automatically sent from your network. Google presumes these searches are mechanically generated by a search scraper, automated service, malicious bot, or computer program.

Receiving this error does not mean Google is spying on you. Nor does it mean Google is monitoring your network activities and searches. It’s also not an indication of a virus attack, despite having an antivirus program running. Also, it is essential to note that these ‘unusual traffic’ errors are easy to fix, and do not have a ‘long-term’ effect on your computer system or network.

Why Does the ‘Unusual Traffic’ Error Happen?

Here are some common instances that cause Google to send this error message.

Making Very Quick Searches

Sometimes you do many successive searches at a fast pace, causing Google to flag the searches as being automated.

Searching via VPN

That is a widespread occurrence among VPN users.

Triggered by the Network connection

Multiple simultaneous searches in a network can trigger the error message. Furthermore, when your network uses a shared public IP address (like a public proxy server ), traffic from other people’s devices can trigger the error message as well.

Automated Search Tool

Running an automated search tool usually triggers the error message.


The error can also be triggered if you add third-party extensions into your browser.

Malicious Content

Although unlikely, a person with a dubious intention may be using the network. It is also possible that a virus is attacking your system. Furthermore, an unknown process may be running in the background and is sending undesirable data.

How to Stop This Error

Solving this error is a straightforward process. The remedy depends on the cause of the failure.

Performing CAPTCHA

As mentioned earlier, when you do high-frequency searches in Google triggers this error but is not fatal to your system. Usually, Google will display a CAPTCHA challenge in the form of a code for you to accomplish. That process is to reassure Google that you are a real person with no intention to abuse the system.

You can now continue your searching activity, but it would be advisable to take a short break first to provide a time gap to prevent another error message to occur.

Disconnect Your VPN Service

If you received the error message when you were connected to the VPN, try to disconnect first to check if that resolves the situation. You may need to work without connecting to your VPN service for a while to avoid getting the error message.

Resetting The Browser

If browser issues or third-party extensions triggered the error, try to reset your browser back to its default settings. After resetting the configurations, reboot your computer. Eventually, you may need to disable extensions.

Scanning for Malware

Initiate a malware scan immediately, if you think your system is under attack by a virus, to remove it. The Chrome Cleanup Tool is highly effective in eradicating any malicious software.

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