How To Open Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10

When Microsoft released Windows 10, they replaced Internet Explorer as the default web browser with the new Edge. This new browser has a great look and feels and is known to be more secure and faster. However, a lot of users still prefer to use their old, familiar browser they are accustomed to for years.

In addition to individual preferences, there are some websites that may not support the new browser as well. In such cases, you may want to use Internet Explorer 11 for a convenient browsing experience.

Those who want to use IE 11 on their Windows can do so. In fact, Windows has Internet Explorer 11 included by default and there is no need to install anything. While IE 11 is included in Windows 10, it can be tricky to locate and launch for most people. You simply need to know some basic things to open Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10.

Opening Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is currently the default browser in Windows 10 and those who want to use IE 11 would need to find and open it. Here is the simplest way to open Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10:

  1. Go to the taskbar of the Windows and click where you see Type here to search. You can also use the Windows key instead.
  2. Type the term Internet Explorer.
  3. Click on the Internet Explorer as you see it.

Opening Internet Explorer in Windows 10 is that simple.

Another way to launch Internet Explorer in Windows 10 involves the following steps:

  1. Open Start Menu and select All Apps
  2. Then navigate to Window Accessories
  3. From the Accessories submenu, select Internet Explorer
  4. You can also use the options Pin to Taskbar or Pin to Start by right-clicking Internet Explorer if you use IE often

Opening Internet Explorer 11 With Cortana

For those systems with Cortana enabled, there is a simpler way to open Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10.

  1. Simply say Hey, Cortana.
  2. Say, Open Internet Explorer.
  3. Cortana will launch Internet Explorer for you.

While launching Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10 is not at all difficult, it is always a good idea to pin it to the taskbar if you use it on a regular basis. It allows easy access to the program any time just by clicking the icon on the taskbar.

As you need not uninstall Microsoft Edge browser to use IE 11 on your Windows, it is always possible to go back to Edge whenever you feel like working with it. You can also change the default browser to something else instead of Edge.

We hope this post helps you open Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10 once you have upgraded to the latest operating system. Do share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.



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