How to Use Google Chromecast without a Wi-Fi.

Chromecast ordinarily connects via Wi-Fi to the Internet. However, by setting up a Wi-Fi network locally, you can still cast media to your Chromecast device without having to access the web.

Just as long as you have content like movies or shows already downloaded and stored inside your primary device like a computer or smartphone, you can watch them on a larger screen wirelessly later on.

Chromecast for Android

  1. Before you use your Chromecast, first be sure that you have already updated its firmware to the newest version. It will receive signals directly from your primary device without the internet, but the firmware must be updated for it to work without a hitch.
  2. Select the Google Cast App in your primary device and press “Cast.”
  3. Once the main device has found compatible devices nearby, Select the TV you will use to receive your cast.
  4. Four numbers for the pin will pop up. To begin connecting your devices, Enter the 4-digit pin into the Chromecast app.
  5. Your Chromecast would now be able to receive signals from your Android device. You can play any video, and it will show on the TV where you plugged in your Chromecast dongle.  

Chromecast Using your Travel Router

You can also take advantage of your travel router’s ability to create a Wi-Fi network locally. With this local wireless network, you can connect your primary device to your Chromecast quickly.

  1. Set up a local network and give it a name or Service Set Identifier (SSID) and password.
  2. Your Chromecast can be connected wirelessly to your router via an app in your iOS or Android device that contains your downloaded media.
  3. When you’re in a new place and have turned your router on, it will begin creating the local Wi-Fi network. This network works independently and without any internet access.
  4. Choose the screen you will cast to and connect it. If it’s a hotel TV, for example, you may have to use its menu settings to identify the router, which will ask for your password.
  5. Once the TV is connected, it will appear on the iOS or Android Chromecast app as a streaming destination option, and you can select it.
  6. You can now stream your media through the wireless local network and watch it on the TV.

Chromecast for Mac

The Chromecast application should be available from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Since Google owns Android, its devices will have better Chromecast compatibility than those using iOS.

However, iOS devices can use Connectify Hotspot instead, and you can get equivalent results with a Macbook when setting up your Private Network. Here, it’s used in place of the routers to create the local network.

  1. The first thing to do is to download the trial version of Connectify for free as it allows you to set up the wireless connections.       
  2. The app will guide you through the steps of setting up the Wi-Fi Network.
  3. Open Connectify and begin setting up a secure wireless LAN hotspot. Name your hotspot’s SSID, which can even include emojis and other special characters to personalize it. Finally, give it a password that you won’t forget.
  4. Be sure you’re creating a "Wi-Fi Hotspot” and select that from the three options near the top.
  5. The next step is to select the device that you will cast to, and then connect it to this local network.
  6. In case the network isn’t showing, log in with the hotspot name and enter the correct password. Press on “Start Hotspot” at the bottom of the screen.
  7. You can confirm that the device is connected once you can see it as an option. Press it to become the app’s destination for streaming.
  8. After that, you can now begin to stream your local content and watch it on the TV without connecting to the Internet.
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